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Upcoming Release: Mysticism & Myths Paranormal Collection




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Release Date: December 15, 2015


Bound By Blood (A Night Shift Novella)

By Margo Bond Collins


Sometimes the monsters in the night are real.

Sometimes they live right next door.

As a child, Halili Banta ignored her grandmother’s cryptic warnings not to make friends with children outside their Filipino community in Houston. But she preferred to become a “real” American, down to the Americanization of her name, Lili. When many of those other children fell ill, Lili vowed to focus on learning everything she could about Western medicine, ignoring the whispers in her community that a vampiric aswang walked among them.

Now, as an adult and a medical doctor, Lili has returned to Houston to work for the Quarantine Station of the Center for Disease Control—but she is plagued by dark, bloody dreams that consume her nights and haunt her days. As a strange illness once again sweeps through the city, leaving hundreds of children ill and several dead, Lili races against the clock to find its source, and possibly even a cure.

But in order to save the city, she must first embrace her Filipino heritage, and acknowledge a sinister truth: A monster stalks the night—and it might be closer than she ever expected….

Isa: Gift of the Baloma

By Perri Forrest


Isa: Gift of the Baloma is a fantasy tale created from a myth that derives from the Trobriand islands (today officially known as the Kiriwina Islands). Isa is the beautifully tortured soul who has never known love, and who has pretty much travelled through life alone. When tragic circumstances lead her into the depths of the sea, she has no idea what her fate may hold, and thus prepares for worst.

However, as in life, sometimes we have to go through our very worst to get to the place we were destines to be. Such is the case with Isa. Just when she thinks all is lost, she meets Chief Topileta, headman of the villages of the dead, and an unexpected love affair ensures. As Isa will soon find, nothing in her life stays peaceful for long, and before she knows it, she is separated from the only person to ever care for her. When tragedy strikes and Isa finds herself awake after two years of falling into a deep sleep, she is surprised to find that all thoughts are still with the man she has not forgotten. But has he forgotten her? Will he come for her? Will she find love again?

This is only the beginning of Isa’s story, in the full length novel that is set for 2015 release, readers will find out the many layers of Isa and be able to journey with her as she finds out about her lineage and the family she was sure did not exist.

Micco, Anguta’s Reign

By Dormaine G.

Micco (2)

Revelation can be a disheartening truth.

Micco, a captivating Native American man with a desirable physique and statuesque features, radiates a mysterious allure. Living on the reservation with his unapproachable father, he doesn’t believe in the old ways and works as a cop in the local town. The only reason he lives on the land is Nara, his childhood friend and the love of his life, who is married to a cruel reservation man.

Waking up in the heart of a murderous scene, he flees for his life, unfamiliar with his surroundings or how he arrived there. To his horror, he’s assigned to the case. As he works with the local detective, more murders transpire with unusual, terrifying sightings of wolves.

His behavior starts to drastically change, forcing others to take notice. Although trying to avoid the inevitable, Micco is forced to accept the undesirable truth, unable to fight what has been awakened, and all that he has forgotten is finally revealed.

Cursed: A Yorkshire Ghost Story

By Karen Perkins


She’s back. This time no one is safe.

A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor, striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill – the elderly matriarch of the village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, has been woken.

A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her warnings and the community – in particular her family – realise they are in terrible danger.

Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to stop her and break her curse?

Carnem Levare

By Jaxx Summers


We are born, live and eventually leave the mortal world. For Stefano Bonaro the same can be said, with a powerful exception. He was born to live and love in Venice, beyond death.

Stefano is passionately in love with Anastasia Soranzo. They grew up with the promise of a future together, through family bonds and emotional ties. Then suddenly their lives are torn apart by unforgivable deception. For the sake of family, Stefano and Anastasia can no longer have a future together. While Anastasia can easily move on, Stefano refuses to do so.

During Eighteenth Century Carnival, Stefano seals his faith when he commits a crime of passion that ends with him even taking his own life. But this is not the end for the jilted lover, when he is suddenly brought back to life a year later. Stefano’s spirit continues to hope in love, even as he becomes ruled by madness. But will it ever truly end for Stefano Bonaro?

The Life Keeper

By Abby L. Vandiver

Life Keeper Cover

The bloodline of Romania, older than the legend of the vampire, the strigoi are vile, evil creatures who suck the life from the people of the villages that line the impenetrable forests of the country. In this tale with a twist, Jessica Petrescu dotes on her grandmother and takes care of her family in the aftermath of the fall of communism in Romania. Her family is disrupted by a red headed, indigo colored eyes cousin, who turns her household upside down in his quest to discover whether a strigoi is living among his relatives.





Margo Bond Collins

Perri Forrest

Dormaine G.

Karen Perkins

Jaxx Summers

Abby L. Vandiver


SAMARIA: VAMPIRE QUEEN…A Different Take on the Paranormal Genre

Samaria_Vampire Queen


If you haven’t already read Samaria: Warrior Princess, you need to click HERE and download immediately! This series is a fascinating take on the paranormal genre and vampire myths. Consider the potential of a storyline that places a bloodthirsty Viking in Africa and pits spirit-filled siblings against one another. And that’s just the beginning of the saga! The second book of the series is set to release at the end of the year, and it currently up for pre-order through Amazon.


Samaria, African Warrior Princess, is on the run with a bloodthirsty Viking. Although he craves blood, Alarik has a deeper need for Samaria. As they get lost in each other, war is brewing miles away. Will the two be forced to return, especially after being robbed of everything that was once treasured?

Samaria, African Warrior Princess, is on the run with a bloodthirsty Viking. Although he craves blood, Alarik has a deeper need for Samaria. As they get lost in each other, war is brewing miles away. Will the two be forced to return, especially after being robbed of everything that was once treasured?

Samaria’s evil sibling Nzinga is determined to conquer the Mali Empire, the African continent and even the world. Ruled by the darkest of ancestral spirits, Nzinga starts building an empire of immortals. While with each passing minute, she becomes darker.

In this battle with good and evil, will there ever be one decisive winner?

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She fell under a spell. But this time the ancestors were not responsible. Before long, Samaria’s neck fell backwards and off to the side, propositioning the creature, the man, to feast. Her arms winged, begging him to enjoy. She moaned in this trance and it carried throughout the hut. His sting was pleasurable. As he drew her blood, she felt drops of moisture trickle onto her shoulder. His fingers dug into her forearms; he squeezed and massaged tight skin. Rather than scream or attempt to fight him off, Samaria raised her breasts. Her waist circled about, bare hips merely laced with straps easily loosened. She pressed against his muscular body, unable to feel enough of his flesh. Craving to be manhandled. And he leaned back, roaring into the heavens. Beads of sweat filed down from his chin to full neck. His eyes were a pure shade of rage, enlarged.

The more Samaria directed his attendance, the more she appeared to enjoy this pale man’s bloodlust, the more he lost every ounce of himself. Before long she leapt upward, wrapping her legs around his waist, begging him to lower his lips once more. She turned, revealing the untouched jugular as it pounded beneath firm skin. Samaria was no longer a victim. She was now a predator. Her limbs latched on to his entire form. Her fingers pressed against his neckline, commanding an exchange of places. He eased back, widening himself, propositioning Samaria to bite and feast on flesh in the same manner he had. His grasp extended beyond her sides, draping to her lower back, encouraging this seemingly fragile woman to be demonic. He moaned louder in the process.

“Feast!” His word was clear and understandable.

She moved to obey. Upon reaching his throbbing Adam’s apple, wildly panting with a torturous lust, the vision faded. Samaria was forced back to reality. Her pale lover was gone. All that remained was a hunger for deep-red blood and sin.


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Samaria: Warrior Princess



A Viking with a thirst for blood.

A naive, but powerful African princess.

A vengeful sibling.

Spirit possession.

What more could you ask for in a paranormal story. And it’s only the beginning…



Everyone turned to see Nzinga approaching; the darkness of the world riding her skin, driving her evil.

“No,” one of the elders began. He immediately knew what had occurred and dropped to his knees in defeat.

Nzinga saw his surrender and laughed.

“For more than a millennium you’ve held many of us at a distance, you and your good warlords. We were too evil to possess humanity, denied another chance to live again.” The multilayered tones piled from Nzinga’s lips, spreading wide and moving swiftly. She was possessed. It was the only way that they could freely roam the earth. Nzinga’s anger and rage fueled their powers. They needed her to be coherent,  just enough to be aware of how much she despised her life, but not enough to remember her humanity.

“My daughter,” Mama sobbed, bent on her knees, dragging away from what was once her pride and joy.

Nzinga merely ran her eyes over her mother before reaching through the air and snapping the woman’s neck. Samaria screamed, her own potential rage equally terrifying. She forced away Nzinga’s creature, though he could not be easily dismissed. Samaria moved to the inside edge of the circle. Standing at the brim of their meeting place, she reflected on the lifeless corpses of her people. She wanted to mourn for them, but couldn’t yet.

“I hate you Samaria. You ruined my life.”

“You ruined your own life Nzinga. They could not exist in you because you would’ve turned dark. Even when you were still important to this cause, selfishness controlled you.”

“But they chose me from birth!”

“Yes, but then I came along.”