Samaria: Warrior Princess



A Viking with a thirst for blood.

A naive, but powerful African princess.

A vengeful sibling.

Spirit possession.

What more could you ask for in a paranormal story. And it’s only the beginning…



Everyone turned to see Nzinga approaching; the darkness of the world riding her skin, driving her evil.

“No,” one of the elders began. He immediately knew what had occurred and dropped to his knees in defeat.

Nzinga saw his surrender and laughed.

“For more than a millennium you’ve held many of us at a distance, you and your good warlords. We were too evil to possess humanity, denied another chance to live again.” The multilayered tones piled from Nzinga’s lips, spreading wide and moving swiftly. She was possessed. It was the only way that they could freely roam the earth. Nzinga’s anger and rage fueled their powers. They needed her to be coherent,  just enough to be aware of how much she despised her life, but not enough to remember her humanity.

“My daughter,” Mama sobbed, bent on her knees, dragging away from what was once her pride and joy.

Nzinga merely ran her eyes over her mother before reaching through the air and snapping the woman’s neck. Samaria screamed, her own potential rage equally terrifying. She forced away Nzinga’s creature, though he could not be easily dismissed. Samaria moved to the inside edge of the circle. Standing at the brim of their meeting place, she reflected on the lifeless corpses of her people. She wanted to mourn for them, but couldn’t yet.

“I hate you Samaria. You ruined my life.”

“You ruined your own life Nzinga. They could not exist in you because you would’ve turned dark. Even when you were still important to this cause, selfishness controlled you.”

“But they chose me from birth!”

“Yes, but then I came along.”






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  1. Can’t wait this sounds dope. Will you continue to update?

  2. I love stuff like this when it’s written well. Can’t wait!

  3. Oh yes, she must continue with the updates. This is too good to wait for the release.

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